(2") 45-50mm Fire Rated Pleated Panel Filters Classified Coarse by ISO16890 60%, G4 to EN779:2012.

PLM4 Pleated Panel Filters
(2") 45-50mm Deep Fire Rated Media: DIN 53 438 K1/F1 CP413 Compliant NF P92-507 M1 NF F16-101 F1 Classified Coarse by ISO16890 60%, G4 to EN779:2012
The PLM4 pleated panel filter uses media which is fire and toxicity rated to the most stringent European standards. This product is made by sealing a welded mesh backed pleat pack into a Galvanised Steel frame. Deep loft media is utilised to ensure long life, low energy useage and robust service.
EN16890 Coarse >85%
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